Gibby The Piper

Wedding Piper & Bagpipe Maker


I have been playing the HIGHLAND BAGPIPES since I was at school (many years ago!!). I also play the IRISH UILLEANN PIPES, SCOTTISH SHUTTLEPIPES and the SCOTTISH SMALLPIPES

I play GUITAR and SING with the SCOTTISH FOLK BAND 'SCHILTRUM' as well as performing as a SOLO FOLK SINGER.

I can perform on any of the instruments mentioned here so for example, you could have haunting tunes such as the 'BRAVEHEART' theme tune, 'SHE MOVED THROUGH THE FARE' or 'DANNY BOY' tune played on the IRISH UILLEANN PIPES as you walk down the aisle.

You may want a LOVE SONG played on the GUITAR such as the famous Rabbie Burns song 'MY LOVE IS LIKE A RED RED ROSE' - 'STEAL AWAY' - 'LEEZIE LYNDSAY' or you may want 'PACHALBELS CANON in D' played on the GUITAR as you walk down the aisle.

If you like the quiet mellow haunting sound of the SCOTTISH SMALLPIPES or SCOTTISH SHUTTLEPIPES, you can have 'HIGHLAND CATHEDRAL' or 'THE DARK ISLAND' or even 'THE SKY BOAT SONG'.

You can have the Uilleann Pipes played for you with a favourite tune "DARK LOCH NAGAR"

These all sound lovely and not too loud, when played as the bridesmaids walk into the ceremony to be followed by the bride.

When the ceremony is over, it is always great to have the rousing sound of the GREAT HIGHLAND BAGPIPES played as the bride and groom walk back out down the aisle as husband and wife to be followed by all the guests while the piper plays 'MARIES WEDDING' - 'THE HIGHLAND WEDDING MARCH' - 'HEILAN LADDIE' or 'BONNIE DUNDEE'.

From here the piper will normally pipe the bridal party to the drinks reception or outside for the photographs where the piper will play a selection of tunes as the photographs are being taken.

You may want your piper to stay and pipe the bride and groom into the reception for the meal. As you can see, there are many combinations of what can be put into place to make your wedding day a truly memorable occasion. So be sure to choose the best to make your big day the most memorable one.

Tel: 07540 539689


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